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About Physician HealthCare Network
Physician HealthCare Network, P.C. is a multi-specialty physician group established in 1994. Since that time, it has grown from six physicians to almost 60 multi-specialty providers encompassing a wide range of medical expertise.

Physician HealthCare Network serves patients in St. Clair County, Macomb County and Sanilac County, Michigan. It operates three walk-in clinics which also serve as the offices for Family Practice Physicians, Physician Assistants and some specialists.

Physician HealthCare Network also owns and operates Children's Health Care. CHC employs eight Pediatricians, a Clinical Psychologist, several Nurse Practitioners and a Physician Assistant.

Board Members:

Bassam Nasr, M.D.*
Paul Jerry, M.D.**
Dev Nandamudi, M.D.***
Daniel Souphis, D.O.
John Colombo, M.D.
Rajat Prakash, M.D.
Amit Nandi, M.D.
Kimberley Clark-Paul, M.D.

**Vice President

Providing a continuum of care
  • Physician HealthCare Network and Children's Health Care share one information system for practice management to provide a seamless continuum of care for patients who graduate from pediatric care to family practice care.
  • Patients established within both networks are managed using a Patient-Centered Medical Home system. This is a clinical practice that functions as a central hub of patient information. This means patient care and medical records are coordinated among all of our network physicians, creating a seamless medical experience for our patients whenever they visit physicians within the network.

Our mission is to be a multi-specialty professional group operating a quality healthcare delivery network that has the status of preferred provider for the contracted and capitated service market in St. Clair County and surrounding areas.



Our vision is to be the leading integrator of the healthcare network that will serve the residents of the Blue Water Area in the 21st century.

Value Statements
  • The patient is the center of the healthcare process
  • The patient is an active participant in the care giving process
  • Families need to be included in the caregiving process
  • Wellness is a key component of healthcare
  • Innovation and problem-solving are required of all employees
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of care delivered is the responsibility of everyone

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